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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Points (DP) are accumulated by completing dungeons. You can use the points to purchase various items from DP Exchange NPC Patricia in Port Lux. You may accumulate a maximum of 100 points at a time before exchanging them. The points reset after 3 hours after the completion of the last dungeon so it is important to exchange them before they reset.

Accumulating Points[edit | edit source]

Points are rewarded upon completion of dungeons. The number of points is based upon the difficulty of the dungeon.

Dungeon Points rewarded
Lake in Dusk 1
Ruina Station 1
Tower of the Dead (B1F) 2
Volcanic Citadel 3
Forgotten Temple (B1F) 3
Tower of the Dead (B2F) 4
Illusion Castle Underworld 4
Altar of Siena (B1F) 6
Forbidden Island 6
Altar of Siena (B2F) 7
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall 7
Forgotten Temple (B2F) 9
Maquinas Outpost 10
Chaos Arena Level 1 1
Level 2 2
Level 3 3
Level 4 4
Level 5 5
Level 6 6
Panic Cave, Steamer Crazy,
Catacomb Frost, Lava Hellfire
Easy 1
Normal 2
Hard 3

Exchanging Points[edit | edit source]

DP peticia.png

Once you have accumulated points, you can exchange the points for items from DP Exchange NPC Peticia in Port Lux.

There are three types of items:

Image Name Grade Req. DP Purchase Req. Usage Req.
Cube of Experience-Soul.png Cube of Experience Low 5 Lv. 120 Lv. 120
Medium 10
High 25
Highest 70
Cube of Soul Low 3
Medium 10
High 25
Highest 50
Cube of Enchant.png Cube of Enchant Low 5 - -
Medium 15
High 30
Highest 65
Cube of honor.gif Cube of Fame Low 4 - -
Medium 10 Honor Class 6+
High 15 Honor Class 11+

Cube Rewards[edit | edit source]

Depending on the grade of cube different rewards are possible and selected randomly similar to the Mission War Buff Capsule.

Note: Slot extender reward type depends on the grade of the Cube of Enchant.

Grade Cube of Experience Cube of Soul Cube of Fame Cube of Enchant
EXP AXP Honor Item Max Obtainable Quantity
Low 2M 3M 5,000 Upgrade Core (High)
Upgrade Core (Highest)
Bike Upgrade Core (Low)

Bike Upgrade Core (Medium)
Perfect Core (High)
Perfect Core (Highest)
Slot Extender (Low-Highest)

4M 6M 10,000
12M 18M 30,000
24M 36M 60,000
Medium 4.2M 10.5M 10,000 2
8M 20M 20,000
24M 60M 60,000
48M 120M 120,000
High 11M 27.5M 15,000 3
20M 50M 30,000
60M 150M 90,000
120M 300M 180,000
Highest 32.2M 57.5M - 4
56M 100M -
168M 300M -
336M 600M -