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The new dual chakram wielding class in Nevareth. More info TBD.

Weapon: Chakram
Armor: Armorset
Skills: Gladiator skills, Common skills, Social skills
Starting location: Bloody Ice


Starting stats
Strength: 7
Intelligence: 1
Dexterity: 4
HP: 50
MP: 20
HP per level: +?
MP per level: +?
Critical rate: 5%
Critical damage: 20%
Recommended stat distribution
{{{RecStr1}}} strength, {{{RecInt1}}} intelligence, {{{RecDex1}}} dexterity

For Stat point values, details will be added separately due to differences.


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This box: [[Template:{{{1}}}|view]] · [[|talk]] · [{{fullurl:Template:{{{1}}}|action=edit}} edit]


Rage is a new component for Gladiators that isn't fully implemented, but will be like an alternative use for some skills instead of SP. Depending on the Class Rank, the maximum limit to Rage will be increased. It's first earned at Lvl 10 (BS Lv 2) with a limit of 1.

It's gained from successful hits from skills and is lost at a rate of 1 every 5 seconds. If not in combat (5 seconds after combat if no further attacks are made), it will start reducing at 1 every 2 seconds. The amount of rage used for the attacks, buffs or healing will influence how much it effects the skill. This should be displayed in the tooltips. (Example: 5 rage will heal more than 3 rage)

The following table is the complete BS Lv limits for rage:

BS Lvl (1-10) Rage Limit BS Lvl (11-20) Rage Limit
1 0 11 6
2 1 12 7
3 1 13 7
4 1 14 8
5 1 15 8
6 3 16 9
7 3 17 9
8 5 18 10
9 5 19 10
10 6 20 10

More information will be added as it's released.