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Upgrade System

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Upgrade Points[edit | edit source]

Upgrading has changed since recent updates
Upon failing to up grade a person is allowed upgrade points. The higher the upgrade points the higher chance that the items upgrade will not fail

  • Low zone ~700 UP 20%
  • Medium zone ~1200 UP 45%
  • High Zone 2500-2900 UP 75%
  • Very high chance 3000-4500 UP 95-99%
  • TIP -Upgrade points work well with safeguards-

Higher the core, for instance a UCHH give higher points for fail, UCH has good points and so on


Extreme Upgrade[edit | edit source]


Chaos Cores[edit | edit source]

Chaos core system is identical to the upgrade system, Chaos cores are harder to upgrade items, such as belts and talismans(talismans have been known to fail on +1). They have higher fail rates and the items are destroyed upon fail.

  • Chaos core can be obtained through Eternal Chaos(ECA)
  • Extracting belts